Spring Time!

Finally, long days of sunshine are back and the shorts are out again.  Lake Cachuma is half full, or half empty, depending on how you look at it.  The land has greened up and my garden is lush with leaves and blossoms. (after how many drought years?)

Getting out in the back country is food for the soul pretty much anytime of the year but for me, this is my favorite and especially now that its thirst is quenched for a bit. The temperature is more moderate, the light a bit softer than full summer and the land is flush with the energy of new beginnings and promise.  This is one of the best aspects of SB CA, the trails are a short hop away and much of the time you may find yourself soaking in the healing solitude of wilderness.

A new website.

I'm stoked to finally have a new, fresh, updated website up after living so long with the one that was birthed out of a "just get one up" time. I don't know about you but it seems much more challenging to create my own personal graphics, logos, ads, cards... than to do it for someone else.  I start something for myself with great inspiration. And then, later, feel like taking a different direction, like this one isn't the me I want to express.  And so it went.  But now, today, I'm happy with this one and ready to give it that little nudge out into the world.

Its a new year, a new day, and the rains are coming to Santa Barbara! And so much to be grateful for...

Backroad to Cambria

Backroad to Cambria